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All about the marine separator and its parts!

A Marine separator is a powerful machine when it’s about to control water pollution. It is the tool that helps in the separation of the liquids according to their density. Marine separator spare parts aid in the hassle-free functioning of the separator. The Marine separator is an essential tool on the ship.

The prime purpose of using the marine separator-

See, ships use diesel as a fuel and it requires dust-free and high-quality diesel. It removes the dust particles from the oil and makes it suitable to be used on the ship. You will find it on every vessel. Marine separator spare parts make the functioning of the separator unhindered.

There are primarily two types of separators/centrifuges-

  • Purifier
  • Clarifier

A purifier is used when you need to separate the water from the oil and a clarifier is used when you need to remove only pollutants. Also, little amount of water is removed in the process.

Let’s talk about the principle of working of High-Speed Centrifuge on a Ship-

The principle of difference in the specific gravity of different liquids is used. The heavier liquid i.e. water gets down at the bottom and lighter liquids i.e. oil comes up. That’s how the ship gets the purified oil and runs smoothly.

Components of the best quality marine separator-

Vertical shaft– It is made up of an alloy of steel. This marine separator spare part is used for transforming the electrical motor output to rotate the bowl at good speed via spur gear and belt.

Main framework– It supports the whole internal parts of the system. The major parts of the internal separator are outlet line connections, bowl, water and feed lines, disk parts, and others.

Clutch: This is installed on the horizontal shaft to avoid the overload of the electric motor.

Bowls-Made up of high-tension stainless steel. Bowls of the marine separator are used to discharge the accumulated sludge and have the space for retaining the separated sludge.

Gear pump and belt drive– These are other vital spare parts of the separator. The belt drive is ideal to transmit the rotational motion to the bowl.

Spur gear– Used for transferring the rotational motion, the spur gear is put between the shafts.

What needs to be done for the trouble-free working of marine separators-?

Be it any machinery, each machine needs maintenance after a point in time. It works flawlessly with regular maintenance. Like this, marine separator spare parts work. It needs proper maintenance. Have a look at the points which help to keep this system working smoothly-

  • Regular care and maintenance
  • Should have good knowledge of the each and specific equipment and examination of every part of the separator
  • Crew members should give attention to the working of the separator
  • Professional staff should be on board to check such equipment regularly
  • These are little things but can’t afford to ignore maintenance when it’s about to unhindered working of the onboard marine separator.

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