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A Marine compressor is a multipurpose device that has various applications on the ship. The main purpose of using the air compressor on the ship is to get compressed air to start main engine. This device is used in various applications on the ship. From cleaning the filters to starting the main engines and secondary engines of the ship, the air compressor used on Vessel has various other applications.

Various use of air compressor onboard a ship-

  • For the lifting operation of the hydraulic jack on the ship, compressed air is required. The task is done with the help of an air compressor.
  • From heat exchangers to boilers to refrigerants on ships need compressed air to start them.
  • There are several monitoring systems on the ship which also uses air compressors.
  • For the cleaning of the tools of the ship, an air compressor is used.
  • Foghorns also operate on the air provided by the compressor.
  • It is not only used to start the main engine but also the auxiliary engine of the ship

Types of Marine air compressors-

Based on the uses of the compressors, there are four important Types of Marine air compressors. Let’s know these compressors’ working in little detail and have a clear view-

  • Deck air compressor
  • Emergency air compressor
  • Main air compressor
  • Topping up compressor

Deck air compressor– This type of air compressor ideals for the service that requires less pressure. It provides pressure ranging between 6 to 8 bars. Deck air compressor is used for service air compressors and deck purposes. It plays a vital role in the smoothing functioning of the ship.

Emergency air compressor: This marine air compressor plays a crucial role in an emergency situation. An emergency air compressor also starts the auxiliary engine when the main air compressor fails. It comes in 2 types-

  1. Motor-driven
  2. Engine-driven

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Main air compressor: This compressor is used on a ship to start its main and secondary engine with its high pressurized air. This compressor stored the pressurized air in storage bottled installed in it. The minimum required pressure to start the main engine on the ship is 30 bars. The main air compressor is available in various pressure capacities. One can buy it from us in various capacity ranges.

Topping up compressor: it is another marine air compressor. Topping up compressor is mainly used when there is any leakage in the system. It continues the supply to the system by covering up the leakage and ensuring the hassle-free functioning of the ship.

Now have the look at the important parts or components of the air compressor used on ship

  • Cooling water
  • Lubricating oil
  • Air
  • Suction valve
  • Power source
  • Safety device
  • Pressure pump
  • Discharge valve

The efficiency of the air compressor-

See, be it any machine, it will only work well when the maintenance of that particular machine is taken care of well. The same goes for the air compressor used on ship. You need to follow the below-told instructions and, your air compressor will work efficiently for a long time.

  • Routine maintenance is needed.
  • Check the air compressor condition report after every maintenance
  • It is essential to check out the condition of the air bottle of the air compressor because the air is supplied from here to the part of the ship

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