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Modernize your Ship Assets with Marine Automation Control Systems. 

Proper operation of any machine is the foundational key to longevity and optimum functionality of the overall system. And an integrated automation system helps in achieving that proper operation. So we are here with that essential system which caters to the efficient and safe operation of a ship. With our marine automation control systems, the operation of a machinery plant ensures to be integrated as one functional entity.

There are many parameters on a ship which have to be controlled and monitored accordingly. The parameters include the equipment status,   pressure at the ship, surrounding and inner temperatures, their level, viscosity of water, position of the ship, speed, flow control, water current, torque control, voltage, their current, etc. All these things are monitored with our automated control systems with high efficacy as they can decide the fate of thousands of people and their lives. Ship automation and control systems hold the responsibility of monitoring all these metrics. 

Our automation and control systems help in the proper operation by providing details about the controls, alarms, status and information about the ship. The operators of the system are acknowledged about the status of the machinery with exact data and stats by our systems. We provide our customers with such astounding analyzing tools. 

We believe that modernization is the new way to tackle problems. The automation and control system is the modernization of the new era where they cover many metrics of the ship operation. Whether it is the power management operation, cargo, loading operation, navigation operation , auxiliary machinery operation, the propulsion plant operation or purchasing spares, all are deeply monitored and controlled by these automated systems. Let us acknowledge how a marine automation control system helps in the propulsion plant of a ship.

Basically, propulsion plant operation is the most important domain as it is the main engine of the ship. The propulsion engines are important as they are used to turn the ship’s propeller and help the movement of the ship through the water. It is highly essential for the efficient operation and safety of the ship. 

Proper monitoring of the start and stop of the ship engine, frequency control, load control, current flow, generator load, engine temperature, combustion temperature, total fuel consumption by the ship, diesel electric propulsion, thrusters, diesel engine safety, heavy consumers usage, etc. is needed for the appropriate working of the ship. All this can be done by marine automation control systems.

The propulsion plant typically functions on heavy fuel oil but sometimes even diesel oil works. They kind of switch between the two fuels according to the requirements. Therefore, there are several propulsion arrangements for ships and other motor vessels. These arrangements include  multiple engines, gearboxes and propellers. 

After this very acknowledgement, we will also mention to you about the assistance provided to the auxiliary engines by the ship automation and control system. 

Apart from the propulsion plant, there are power management operations which need to be handled carefully as they serve as the auxiliary engines. The monitoring and control of these auxiliary machineries and engines are of crucial concern as they cover various systems. Those systems are the main sea in which the motor vessel is traveling, flow, viscosity, temperature, pressure pumps, purifiers, tank levels, heaters, cooling systems, sludge control, etc. 

We fulfil these very requirements here at amafmarine.com where you get such automated systems for the ship and motor vessels.